Benefits Technology

Benefits Technology

Technology is playing an increasingly greater role in the implementation and administration of employee benefits programs. The right tools will save you time and money, but identifying and choosing the right tools is no easy task. Because we focus only on employee benefits and human resources, we can help you select, implement and maintain the technologies that match the needs of your business. The following are some of the tools available to you.

Online Benefits Administration & Enrollment

Our online benefits administration systems are web-based, employee benefits enrollment and administration platforms. These easy-to-use, single sign-on platforms are designed to streamline the entire process, by electronically connecting employers, human resource administrators, employees, carriers, and third-party administrators.

These systems can be customized to meet the needs of companies of just about any size and budget.   Using the latest in top tier platform technologies available, we can offer you the solution that’s perfect for YOUR company.  So you get everything you need – without paying for stuff you don’t.

Typical system features include:

  • A secure, single sign-on platform – saving you time and money by managing employee eligibility, elections, and payroll in the most efficient way possible
  • Online Enrollment- making the process quick, secure, and paperless
  • Electronic Data Interfaces (EDI) – which electronically transmit enrollment data and change information directly to carriers and TPA’s

Employee Landing Pages

Our platforms offer you employee landing pages that:

  • Are customized to fit the needs of your company
  • Can be simple and basic – or structured to automate complex benefits and HR functions
  • Allow easy access from anywhere, and at any time
  • Provide a centralized hub for information about
    • benefits
    • health & wellness tools
    • HR policies & procedures
    • access to health risk assessments
    • personal health records for each employee

Be sure to visit our PLATFORM PAGE for detailed information regarding each of the benefits technology solutions we offer…