Creative Cost Control

For businesses of all sizes, employee benefits are one of the leading cost within the company. Large groups can somewhat control and reduce employee benefit costs by utilizing the volume discounts, but we realize that for small to midsize businesses this is not an option.

Offering competitive and equitable employee benefits continues to be top of mind for new and returning candidates, yet it remains a daunting task for HR and finance teams, alike. At Graybill Consultants, we work with employers on building creative solutions for all benefit plans. While the health care component continues to be the focal point of most conversations, our expertise does not stop there. Our role is to find creative solutions, products and approaches to help you curb rising costs.

The cost of HMO and PPO plans are not the same thing, however, many of your employees, especially the younger demographic, may not know that. Making sure your staff is educated on the costs and features of each benefit option, while helping them choose the right plan, can remarkable impact your overall benefits cost.

That’s where we come in. The use of online Benefits Enrollment, HR Management and Payroll Entry can significantly reduce your cost. Remember, the expense of premiums is NOT the only thing that makes benefits so expensive. Administering and managing benefits plays into the overall cost as well. That is why Benefits Technology is so critical.

Our Cost Control tools, resources and approaches are designed to bring foresight and predictability to your plan costs. To learn more about our Cost Control solutions and how they could support your organization’s HR/Benefits/Finance team, give us a call today.