Preparing employees for the open enrollment period is extremely important. In recent years, a competitive benefits package has become increasingly significant to employees. In addition to creating a competitive advantage in the job market, a great benefits package can also contribute to employee satisfaction and well-being. 

While curating a great selection of benefits for employees is a priority leading up to open enrollment, you should consider several other factors. Ensuring employees and administrators at all levels adequately understand what benefits are available and how to take advantage of them is essential. There are various steps any business can take, including helpful HR and benefits technology, to simplify the process. 

Assess the Current Situation 

Is there a common concern employees have about a particular issue? Are there benefits or coverage options you do not currently offer that people would appreciate? Checking in with company employees can illuminate the goals and interests that different benefits packages can satisfy. Begin with a conversation among administrators and key employees. Having as many insights as possible about other factors, such as finance, can aid in making the best selections. Conducting focus groups or surveys is a great way to gauge needs. 

Once you have a better understanding of what needs are present, you can begin preparing employees for your company’s open enrollment period. 

Provide Employees with an Abundance of Information 

With the diversity of options available on the market, and depending on what your company chooses to offer, it is crucial for employees to be well-versed on what is available to them. Holding meetings explaining coverage options, disseminating informative videos, infographics or other helpful information can help them make the best decision. It is also helpful to have a person available who can answer any questions.

When you are unfamiliar with the terminology or the process of using your coverage, it can be overwhelming. This is heightened when employees have not had adequate time to review their options. 

Simplify Things for Your Employees 

Simplification is key. When employees understand what they are opting into for their benefits package, they are able to make more informed choices. Look for materials that explain things plainly, or create reference material that rephrases confusing concepts. Even if these materials need to be created in-house, their utility will be long-lasting. A great idea is to explain concepts in as many ways as possible so that employees have a wealth of resources to assist them. Presentations, visual aids and any form of information can equip people with the knowledge they need for enrollment. 

Make Benefits Education a Priority Year-Round

Keeping everyone up-to-date on critical information about their benefits is not just for the open enrollment period. Holding meetings where employees are notified about current offerings or programs available through their coverage is an excellent way to ensure they are able to get the most of their plans. In addition, having a specific person employees can go to with questions is ideal. While benefits providers and vendors have customer support teams, having someone from your company who can answer questions is beneficial. 

Utilize a Helpful HR and Benefits Technology

More and more benefits companies have transitioned to online platforms. This has made it easier than ever before for policyholders to access important information, file a claim or manage preferences. HR and benefits technology also helps to eliminate the paperwork an HR department has to deal with, reducing the strain of a workday. Whereas everything needed to be done on a physical form and filed away, policy owners and holders can get most things done on a mobile device. Ready to streamline operations and ensure you provide the best possible service for your clients?