When it comes to assembling your dream team, business leaders just like you can utilize numerous strategies to uncover diamonds in the rough. In today’s ever-evolving workforce, finding the perfect new hire is much easier said than done, and spending time sorting through online resumes isn’t necessarily the path to success. A recent survey shows that employee recruiting professionals’ top priority in 2021 is improving the quality of hire. With this goal in mind, our experienced team is proud to present the following game-changing methods that will help your team hire only the best and the brightest going forward.

1. Spend Time on Job Descriptions

One of the most effective ways to capture promising potential hires’ attention is to publish a professional and concise job description (less than 2,000 words is best). Don’t hesitate to make the job title highly specific and descriptive — this will attract the most qualified candidates for the position that you’re hoping to fill. Start the description with a clear and captivating summary of the position, then move on to primary responsibilities, what a typical day on the job looks like and how the new hire will fit into the company structure as a whole.

2. Utilize Social Networks

In today’s increasingly digital world, social media platforms are a groundbreaking tool that can help recruiters connect with potential new hires in no time. Not only do platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and even Twitter give recruiters access to a vast audience, they also allow the recruiter to filter candidates based on their profiles, uploaded CVs, cover letters and more. With these social media platforms, sharing job postings and connecting with potential candidates becomes as easy as 1-2-3. For your next hire, don’t neglect the power of social media.

3. Connect With Universities

Yet another outstanding strategy to connect with competent candidates is to form relationships with universities’ career offices or job resource centers. It’s no secret that the workforce is getting younger and younger, with millennials projected to make up 75% of the workforce by 2025. By tapping into a pool of new graduates who are eager to gain hands-on experience in their field and boosting employee retention, recruiters can contribute to business’ longevity, profitability and long-term success.

4. Bring in Multiple Interviewers

By broadening the scope of who interviews potential hires, businesses may be able to connect with the right candidate more quickly than expected. Consider including a future colleague in the interview process so that potential hires can get an accurate idea of what their day-to-day routine would be like in their new position. Current employees already know what it takes to succeed in the position. By including them in the interview process, business leaders will gain valuable insight and perspective that they may not have had otherwise.

Partner With Industry Experts to Find Your Next Fantastic Hire

Choosing your business’s newest team member is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. By partnering with knowledgeable HR and benefits experts, businesses just like yours can quickly discover the next step towards success. With years of valuable experience helping businesses grow and thrive, we are ready to help your business make the leap from average results to stellar productivity.