Work has changed.

So have HR+Benefits.

Transform HR+Benefits.

HR+Benefits Technology

HR & Benefits systems are often fragmented – which creates inefficiency and confusion. 

We develop a custom “single source of truth” for all HR & Benefits communications, policies, and administration.

Creative Cost Control Solutions

Many times ‘cost savings’ options in healthcare amount to reduced benefits for employees. 

We go beyond off-the-shelf plans and show forward-thinking organizations ways to save money while improving benefits.

Attract & Retain Top Talent

It’s harder than ever to attract the best candidates.

A comprehensive recruiting, onboarding, and benefits strategy solidifies our clients as ’employers of choice’ in California.

Technology should work for you.

It’s the 21st century. Does your benefits & HR platform know it?  From benefits enrollment, communication, billing, and life events you should have a system that works hard for you. Not one that requires you to work harder.

Cutting costs doesn’t mean cutting benefits.

Why has ‘cutting costs’ become synonymous with ‘reducing benefits’?  There’s a better way. 

When you have a team of experts working for you, you get lower costs and improved benefits.

Attract & Retain Top Talent

Smart companies know, creating a strong culture and a great place to work is about attracting the right employees and keeping them engaged.  We think about employee benefits in terms of an overall people strategy, from hire to retire.

What Our Clients Say

Partnering with Graybill transformed our benefits technology platform and the way we communicate our benefits to employees.

Bruce Wayne

CEO, Wayne Industries

Graybill helped us reduce HR & Benefits costs by 18% without disruption to our employees or their families.


Rebecca Howe

General Manager, Lillian Corporation

Attracting high-quality talent is difficult in our industry.  Graybill delivered a benefits and employee engagement platform that increased our new applicants by 10X.

Cruella De Vil

Owner, House of De Vil

Employee Benefits

Benefits aren’t just about the products offered, but also how they are communicated.

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 We’re pros at vetting and implementing the system that will work best for your organization.

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HR & Compliance

Through our network of HR & legal pros our clients have access to robust HR resources.

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As the initial point of data entry, payroll is key to a comprehensive HR & Benefits strategy.

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