Employee Benefits

for any size organization

Small Group Employers: 2-99 Employees

Small employers are known to be the backbone of the American economy. Unfortunately, they are also the ones burdened the most with skyrocketing health care costs.  But why?  Shouldn’t small businesses have access to the same tools that are available to larger employers? 

We think the answer should be a resounding YES, which is why we are dedicated to helping small companies attract and retain employees in a cost effective manner – using tools typically reserved for the big guys. Our benefits consultants can help you:

  • Develop and support an overall benefits strategy

  • Pick from an array of affordable insurance options

  • Effectively explain benefits options to your employees

  • Reduce time and money spent by your HR department

  • Implement software tools for easy online enrollment and administration

  • Make your workforce happier and more productive

Large Group Employers: 100+ Employees

Graybill Consultants has extensive experience servicing the unique needs of large, multi-location employers, since many of our clients have multiple offices from California and Texas, to Ohio and Washington.

So we understand the complex demands placed on an HR department charged with attracting and retaining top tier talent. In fact, Graybill Consultants, is at the forefront of logistics, solutions, and technologies that help minimize the time and money spent procuring and maintaining the kind of benfits packages that make you an “employer of choice”.

Our services include:

  • Strategic planning

  • M&A planning / transition / implementation

  • Design, installation and maintenance of comprehensive employee benefits plans

  • Aggressive premium rate negotiations

  • Proactive employee communications

  • Customized employee benefits web pages

  • Annual Benefit / Total Compensation Statements

  • Employee satisfaction surveys

  • Professional patient advocacy

  • Signature-ready Form 5500

  • Assistance with COBRA / State Continuation requirements / HIPAA privacy rules / HIPAA special enrollment rights

Comprehensive Benefits Analysis and Solutions

We start with a comprehensive needs analysis for your company. This allow us to identify problems and weak points within your current benefits program.

Based on this information, we conduct an extensive market analysis.  We then present you with a number of solid solutions that address your needs within your stated budget parameters.

Upon approval, we will implement all components of the benefits package AND educate your employees about the changes.  As a sidebar, we excel at making often complicated benefit matters easy to understand – for everybody involved.

The result? You save money, while positioning your company as an “Employer of Choice”.

We are Certified Healthcare Reform Specialists

Each of our Benefits Consultants has undergone extensive specialized training and has received the Certified Healthcare Reform Specialist® professional designation by the Health Care Reform Center & Policy Institute.  So you are assured of professional advise that is at the leading edge of all rules, regulations, and interpretations of PPACA.

By working with a consultant who has gone through this specialized industry training – specifically on the nuances of the Affordable Care Act –  you are ensuring that you and your employees  have the best and most current information on often confounding policies, rules and regulations. It also ensures that you are up-to-date on best practices and compliance.  

The Graybill Consultants Certified Healthcare Reform Specialist® staff will help you maintain a competitive edge through a comprehensive understanding of the ways healthcare reform legislation is affecting your business.  Now – and in the years ahead.